OLSI             IZABEL             RUZI            RUBI             RUNA       (LOS ANGELES)


                             OLSI                                                                           IZABEL 

Hello Irina! Olsi is at my home now! Thank you very much for shipping me a beautiful puppy! I got home about 45 minutes ago. It took me almost 4 hours before I could pick up Olsi at the airport and another 3 hours drive to come back home. Well, it's tiring but everything is worth it! I fed Olsi some chicken meat and dry dog food, she ate very well. So, everything is good! All the best! Eric.


Hello Irina! I got home about 45 minutes ago. Everything is fine, Izabel is at home! Thank you, Irina, Izabel is sooooo beautiful. Our whole family love her! Her body structure is so good, square body, good bones, nice big head and her color is just beautiful! All the best! Eric.



                           RUZI                                                                  RUBI                                         




Hello Irina! I was back home about 45 minutes ago, cleaned up the puppies and fed them already. All three of them are very playful and not a bit weak! Anyway, everything is fine and we are glad to have these beautiful babies to join our family!!! Talk to you later, you have a nice day! All the best! Eric.





                                                            IRBIS (DALLAS)


Hello Irina! I have just walked in the door. It is 7:18 pm our time. Irbis is WONDERFUL! He made the trip just fine. The people at the airline loved him! I know you are worried so I wanted to let you know right away. He is still in the car. I will write more later when I have got him settled in. Thank you so much. He is perfect! Belva



                                              ANABELLA (LOS ANGELES)


We have just returned from LOS ANGELES where we picked up ANNABELLA.

she is the cutest thing I have ever seen and we love her.We have not looked hard.  We will keep you up to date. I want to thank you for the incredible handling of this Transaction. You made it such a pleasure. You are a very high level person.

My very best wishes and thanks. BOB


Dear, Irina! Time goes by so quickly. Alexandra ( Anabella ) is five months old and i have time to send you an update, she is in excellent spirits and good health. She is loved and well taken care of. She has been a little difficult to potty train but is almost there. She is a member of two french bulldog clubs and meets one time a month for each one. Plenty of friends and playmates. She weighs fifteen pounds. We change her name to Alexandra (Lexie) because we did not love Anna or Annie. We are thinking of getting her a playmate from you. My very best, BOB CHERIN.



                                                                                                    BARON     (LOS ANGELES)


Dear Irina! BARON is here and in good health. We love BARON very much. I am sending you photos later today, once i received them from the store. He is doing well and is a good puppy. Hope you are well too. Best wishes, Nancy.




                                                                                    ELENA PREKRASNAJA    (SAN FRANCISCO)

Hello Irina I receive the dog, It is very very beautiful, thank you for been honest person, I will sent you pictures of Elena. Thank you again. Antonia Martinez.




                                                                                               HELEN   (HOUSTON)


Hi Irina. HELEN is here and in good health. Thank you so much for all your kind help and be assured that Helen has a good home here. I will write again in a few days to let you know how she is adjusting. Best regards. Mike.

Hi Irina, I took HELEN to the vet today and she checks out fine. She seems to be very happy here. Best regards. Mike.



                                                                                               MUSKAT    (SEATTLE)

Hi Irina! MUSKAT has arrived home safe and healthy! He is playing with his toys, and has already taken a nap. He is very healthy and playful. I will send you some pictures of him soon. Thank you so much for the puppy. I love him so much already! Julie.



                                                                              GOLDEN HAT MILORD     (LOS ANGELES)


Irina. We made it, He did just fine, He’s absolutely beautiful, Thank You so much! I will keep in contact with you so you can see him grow. All is well…… Talk to you soon, Anieta.   


                                                                                   DEMO DZHASMIN    (CHICAGO)

Hello Irina! Demo is home safe & we love him already. He is a very happy boy! I can't thank you enough! I will send pictures & write. Thank  you so much he is perfect! Cari.



                                                                                         VESTA AND ORIANA    (BOSTON)


Hello Irina. I have picked up the puppies!! They are beautiful! We are vary happy with them they are very playful and are settling in just fine, they were very happy to come out of there cage to meet us! Ok I will talk to you soon and thanks again for such wonderful puppies please feel free to use my name and email address for further refrences as i will highly recomend you!! Sincerely, sue.



















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